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Starting from: 219,00 €
Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. Our idea was to...
Starting from: 34,99 €
Polyester (100%)
Starting from: 189,99 €
This is a wetsuit for a very affordable price. This back-zip suit maintains the flex panels, 4-way...
Starting from: 89,00 €
Stiff, light weight carbon construction  • Connects directly to chicken loop for fluid...
Starting from: 469,95 €
Back-zip drysuit
Starting from: Old price: 139,99 €111,99 €
Sharkskin jacket women Brand new design for 2015, the women specific Sharkskin neoprene jacket...
Starting from: 149,95 €
Impact vest
Starting from: 269,00 €
Looking for the ultimate in support and customization? Lets face it!  Everyone has a different...
Starting from: 29,99 €
Polyester (100%)
Starting from: 54,99 €
 Polyester (100%)
Starting from: 49,99 €
Features - GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) - Double cuff system, prevents water coming in through...
Starting from: 369,99 €
Back-zip 5/3 The Majestic series is loaded with features including: 100% M-Flex, stretch taping...
Starting from: 149,00 €
Fully reversible, the Supreme Impact Vest features a moderate foam filling for impact protection,...
Starting from: 59,00 €
Time to set yourself free! The Liquid Force Surf Spreader Harness Pad is a minimalist, simple...
Starting from: 24,00 €
Polyester (100%)
Starting from: 24,99 €
Neoprene outer layer
Starting from: 289,95 €
The voltage series has been developed for a group of people who wants to wear a suit with a clean...
Starting from: 149,00 €
Offering the ultimate in impact protection and flotation. The Liquid Force Profile Vest delivers...