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Starting from: 139,95 €
Seat harness
Starting from: 69,00 €
Seat harness
Starting from: 189,00 €
Boardshort Seat Harness Sizes: XS (28”), S (30”), M (32”), L (34”), XL (36”) Ergonomic...
Starting from: 58,00 €
Seat harness
Starting from: 209,00 €
Ballistic Harness: We’ve completely overhauled the Ballistic Harness’s waist belt and...
Starting from: 79,00 €
Engineered with curvy, contoured female anatomy in mind, the Bliss packs high-end harness...
Starting from: 79,00 €
Boardshort Harness Black
Starting from: 219,00 €
Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. Our idea was to...
Starting from: 89,00 €
Harness Women, Size L
Starting from: 269,00 €
Looking for the ultimate in support and customization? Lets face it!  Everyone has a different...
Starting from: 75,00 €
Women, Large
Starting from: 59,00 €
Time to set yourself free! The Liquid Force Surf Spreader Harness Pad is a minimalist, simple...
Starting from: 199,00 €
High Back Design | Comfy Leg Loops | Easy Adjustment
Starting from: Old price: 249,00 €174,30 €
Waist Harness
Starting from: 249,99 €
The Majestic harness our flagship multi-use harness, simply the best in our range of waist...
Starting from: Old price: 239,99 €167,99 €
Throw away all of the various layers and combine them into one single piece. The Legend is a one of...
Starting from: 219,99 €
Battle belt waist closure Makes sure the harness doesn't move around while riding and stops...
Starting from: Old price: 289,00 €202,30 €
Locks in place, doesn’t ride up or shift from side to side  • Spreads load evenly across...