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Starting from: 1 019,00 €
If kiting is not yet an option. Comforts you in all conditions and allows an entry into wave riding...
Starting from: 929,00 €
A bit more wave addicted but still usable in all conditions. Sporting function, durability and of...
Starting from: 1 159,00 €
The name is the program. Make some! Sporting function, durability and of core JN art design.Shape...
Starting from: 1 129,00 €
“Fat boy” or more gentle the all-rounder for the whole family. Comforts if needed 2 plus people and...
Starting from: 199,00 €
The Switchblade is a carbon and fiberglass composite paddle designed for enthusiasts who want a...
Starting from: 170,00 €
Classic and affordable board protection for day-to-day use.
Starting from: 299,00 €
The Slingblade features high-end, all-carbon construction and is designed for athletes who want the...
Starting from: 1 198,00 €
Inflatable Windsurf/SUP The Crossover Inflatables are incredibly versatile inflatable boards...
Starting from: 79,00 €
Bag for your SUP paddle. Protects the shaft and the blade during transport.
Starting from: 1 399,00 €
Inflatable Racing/Touring The ONE 12’6” is hands down, the best-selling inflatable SUP around...
Starting from: 18,00 €
Easy-zip paddle guard protects the blade of your paddle. Universal size fits all Slingshot paddles...
Starting from: 1 199,00 €
Women's Inflatable All-around The Alana Inflatable 10'6" features a smaller-scale design for...
Starting from: 55,00 €
Your waterproof storage for SUP tours.
Starting from: 1 299,00 €
Women's Inflatable All-around The Alana Inflatable 11’6” features a significantly more stable...
Starting from: 24,99 €
Starting from: 1 199,00 €
Inflatable Classic All-around   The Nalu Inflatable 11'0" features a world-renowned Nalu...
Starting from: 99,99 €
Soft touch neoprene (100%)
Starting from: 1 699,00 €
A great fit for a wide variety of riders, the fast and easy-to-paddle Glide Touring boards provide...