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Starting from: 99,00 €
Set of three Slingshot 2016 surf straps and mounting hardware.
Starting from: 1 309,00 €
Easy | Responsive | Stable
Starting from: 999,00 €
The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a...
Starting from: 696,00 €
"Medium rocker, light weight, freestyle/wakestyle high performance board"   The all new JOKE is AN...
Starting from: 28,00 €
You may be hard core but that metal rail is even harder!
Starting from: 549,00 €
Accessory High Aspect ratio carbon composite wing.  The need for speed! Exceptional...
Starting from: 62,00 €
Replacement pedestal/top plate for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 489,00 €
Slingshot riders trust the Compstick Guardian setup for its simplistic design, bomber construction...
Starting from: 679,90 €
The cable kingpin delivering the ultimate in board feel and top water speed. Offering greater...
Starting from: 509,90 €
FRANKBOOT Our most affordable heat moldable boot for the rider that wants park and cable...
Starting from: 199,00 €
Beginner/Trainer Kite The Xeon is designed for first time kiteboarders looking for a simple,...
Starting from: 69,00 €
Provides support and safety for your foiling  • Perfect learning tool for entry-level...
Starting from: 1 499,00 €
Precise | 3-Strut Design | Efficient
Starting from: 595,00 €
By popular demand, the new Cruzer is back in a lighter weight and perfectly refined version from...
Starting from: 15,00 €
It’s one of the golden rules concerning your skin: it needs to be moisturized!   Hydra...
Starting from: 299,00 €
Accessory tail wing used as stabilizer for both the happy medium and high aspect ratio front wings...
Starting from: 399,00 €
Replacement front wing for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 489,00 €
The Sentinel system is designed for riders who like the Compstick’s simplistic and rugged design...