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Starting from: 49,00 €
Newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved...
Starting from: Old price: 54,95 €38,46 €
Double (boots)
Starting from: 2,50 €
To be taken before starting the exercise. Its natural active ingredients are known for...
Starting from: 99,00 €
Ultra responsive, lightweight fin construction for critical surfing. Size SMALL Material...
Starting from: 204,00 €
Largest Confirmed Board Size That Fits: 146cm Fully padded and featured travel bag for your kites...
Starting from: 140,00 €
Lightweight performance fin with responsive flex pattern Size LARGE Material...
Starting from: 72,00 €
A lightweight padded sleeve for twin tip boards. DIMENSIONS / CAPACITY 147cm (4’8’’)
Starting from: 55,00 €
Moulded composite fin with engineered flex and tip response Size MEDIUM Material GLASS...
Starting from: 153,00 €
Size: 152cm A fully padded, coffin style bag suitable for day trips or airline travel with your...
Starting from: 45,00 €
A balance of speed, flow & response. Excels in all conditions. Colour Blue/Clear...
Starting from: 24,99 €
PVC coated 600D polyester
Starting from: 24,99 €
Storage Bag PVC coated 230D polyester
Starting from: 90,00 €
Versatile, high performance 9" LB fin for all conditions. Seamlessly connect turns and move up and...
Starting from: 189,00 €
PVC coated 600D polyester
Starting from: 64,00 €
Safety Leash
Starting from: 85,00 €
Upright fin with minimal sweep and base. Loose fin for performing tighter turns in the pocket.
Starting from: 69,00 €
Durable and heat resistant polyester tarpaulin material. 5mm foam padding. Expandable tail panel to...
Starting from: 32,00 €
Lightweight performance and strength, ideal for smaller conditions by minimising drag.