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Starting from: 599,00 €
Fun, fast, and explosive, this is the ultimate kite/cable crossover board.
Starting from: 599,00 €
Smooth through the chop and soft on landings, this board is simply a joy to ride
Starting from: 619,00 €
Building on the popularity of last year’s Refraction Karolina model, this freestyle-focused board...
Starting from: 399,00 €
Kids Freeride/Freestyle The Grom is the ultimate user-friendly board for young riders that...
Starting from: 990,00 €
Gambler - new generation, wider profile, stable, suited for all conditions and riders. Developed...
Starting from: 929,00 €
You’ll be slashing to your heart’s content with the Mixer’s quad-fin configuration and tail profile...
Starting from: 62,00 €
Replacement pedestal/top plate for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 69,00 €
• Provides support and safety for your foiling  • Perfect learning tool for entry-level...
Starting from: 565,00 €
The 2017 Asylum delivers fast top-end speeds, aggressive edging and smooth load and pop, making...
Starting from: 899,00 €
The Pulse is Tona's debut surf-oriented board. Dereck's goal was to design a board that not only...
Starting from: 895,00 €
Passport - a dedicated strapless board for any experience level in all conditions. Welcome to the...
Starting from: 169,00 €
Slingshot’s exclusive Foiling Flight School program takes much of the pain and frustration out of...
Starting from: 399,00 €
Replacement front wing for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 749,00 €
Multi Use | Light | Durable
Starting from: 565,00 €
One of Slingshot’s longest-running boards, the Misfit is a time-tested design perfect for general...
Starting from: 599,00 €
The reigning World Champion, Christophe Tack, collaborated with the legendary wakeboard and...
Starting from: 998,00 €
Our Wave-New School Freestyle board will support you advancing in medium winds between 15 and 35...
Starting from: 59,00 €
15" aluminum mast for Slingshot's Hover Glide foil and Foiling Flight School program. Mast can be...