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Starting from: 1 678,00 €
Evolution, progression and succession highlight the performance of the extremely affordable, easy...
Starting from: 9,00 €
4mm Allen Key for M6 Hover Glide Hardware.
Starting from: 509,00 €
The Focus is packed with performance-enhancing features, delivering a banger versatile feel for all...
Starting from: 549,00 €
Accessory Happy Foil front medium aspect ratio Wing. Playful, fast, medium aspect wing that offers...
Starting from: 569,00 €
Designed by Scheid and legendary wakeboard and kiteboard shaper, Jimmy Redmon, the Echo features...
Starting from: 549,00 €
Accessory High Aspect ratio carbon composite wing.  The need for speed! Exceptional...
Starting from: 509,00 €
Girls! We know that you just don’t want a pink board. We know that you want a board that allows...
Starting from: 299,00 €
Accessory tail wing used as stabilizer for both the happy medium and high aspect ratio front wings...


Starting from: 599,00 €
Fun, fast, and explosive, this is the ultimate kite/cable crossover board.
Starting from: 599,00 €
Smooth through the chop and soft on landings, this board is simply a joy to ride