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Starting from: 109,00 €
Full size 35.4-inch aluminum mast for Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 849,00 €
This board brings you tot he next level in Freestyle and Freeride. A straight outline and flat...
Starting from: 696,00 €
"Low rocker, light weight, light wind freeride board" A new and dynamic addition to the Wainman...
Starting from: 899,00 €
The Nammu 5.5 freeride/freesyle fish is a light weight board with a extra big volume of 27 liters...
Starting from: 49,00 €
Replacement fuselage for 2016 Hover Glide foil.
Starting from: 699,00 €
A board which fits all wakestyle and freestyle conditions. It has a light rocker, and slight...
Starting from: 990,00 €
Magnum - big wave weapon, smooth surf feel, fast driving and amazing stability. Timeless board...
Starting from: 44,00 €
Hardware pack for 2016 Hover Glide foil.


Starting from: 599,00 €
Fun, fast, and explosive, this is the ultimate kite/cable crossover board.
Starting from: 599,00 €
Smooth through the chop and soft on landings, this board is simply a joy to ride