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Starting from: 95,00 €
Featuring all the advanced technology, comfort, and performance of the Fusion, the Fusion X...
Starting from: 79,00 €
Boardshort Harness Black
Starting from: 28,00 €
You may be hard core but that metal rail is even harder!
Starting from: 1 309,00 €
Easy | Responsive | Stable
Starting from: 149,00 €
Fully reversible, the Supreme Impact Vest features a moderate foam filling for impact protection,...
Starting from: 1 499,00 €
Precise | 3-Strut Design | Efficient
Starting from: 149,00 €
Offering the ultimate in impact protection and flotation. The Liquid Force Profile Vest delivers...
Starting from: 1 599,00 €
As the reigning World Champion’s kite of choice, you can expect nothing but raw, legendary...
Starting from: 499,00 €
CPR CONTROL BAR SIZES 45CM / 50CM / 55CM Safety, simplicity, and reliability. That’s...
Starting from: 79,00 €
Engineered with curvy, contoured female anatomy in mind, the Bliss packs high-end harness...
Starting from: 2 149,00 €
Why a RAM AIR FOIL KITE? This is the first question that any kiteboarder that has not experienced...
Starting from: 549,00 €
CPR CONTROL BAR (5TH LINE) SIZES 45CM / 50CM / 55CM Safety, simplicity, and reliability. That’s...
Starting from: 1 678,00 €
Evolution, progression and succession highlight the performance of the extremely affordable, easy...
Starting from: 299,00 €
Start off right!  The Liquid Force trainer kite is a great way to get started in the life...
Starting from: 999,00 €
The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a...
Starting from: 549,00 €
Accessory Happy Foil front medium aspect ratio Wing. Playful, fast, medium aspect wing that offers...
Starting from: 44,99 €
2 Liter Standard Height Pump | Double and Single Action Pump | Incorporated Precision Gauge
Starting from: 549,00 €
Accessory High Aspect ratio carbon composite wing.  The need for speed! Exceptional...